We want to be an active and proactive part of an Ecosustainable Evolution that is within everyone's reach".

Introducing you Widdar

Widdar is a company operating in the field of special nutrition for agriculture, whether conventional, integrated or organic.

It was founded in July 2015 as an "Act of Love" for Mother Earth to divulge and commercialize a series of products, in our opinion innovative, based on three fundamental principles: high quality, respect for the operator, respect for the environment. These products are totally eco-compatible.


Research, both academic and in the field, is an important part of the company's policy and makes it possible to create new products that ensure the improvement of the soil and a general "state of well-being" of the plant, conditions that help to increase its resistance to adversity, all this is done with total respect for the environment and for the farmers.

 After years of research, tests and experimentations carried out by our main partner, Eureka Research and Global Solutions, we can claim that the products we are introducing have the following aims: quality, innovation, usefulness and evolution.

The ethical and moral values in which we believe are the foundation and help us to operate in the living. All this thanks to a methodology developed by Eureka that we call "sweet" to awaken silent qualities within plants.

We work to spread the eco-compatible agricultural method Trinium, conceived by Eureka, bringing concrete solutions to the current problems (pollution and sterility of cultivated land, weeds, pests).

"We want to be an active and proactive part of an Ecosustainable Evolution that is within everyone's reach.



founded in 2015, Widdar deals with researching and promoting innovative and environmentally friendly products for professional and hobby agriculture.

Widdar's priority is respect for nature, man and life in general.

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Widdar Srl

P.I./C.F. : 02824460303

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